Each painting is a journey: it begins, we embark on a veiled path, enfolded in process.

As I walk and bike near home and work, or travel, taking steps in life’s journey I discover stories in the landscape. Paints and brushes at the ready, I stop to capture the moment with quick sketches, a veiled path, enfolded in process. Some of these sketches stand alone, a moment captured. Others mature into detailed and expansive works on the studio easel. Like the great painter Chiura Obata, I find lessons, comfort, and nourishment painting the world.

When my brush connects with the canvas, I bring intent and courage. What will I discover? Where will the journey lead? Step by step, I draw inspiration from the poet Paul Valery in Mauvaises Pensées et Autres: “the painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen.”